Dragon Lore

Fine tales concerning the exploits of the scaly ones …

Dragons are often seen in paintings and tapestries, but there aren’t any photographs of these huge creatures so some people don’t believe they exist. Imagine! But dragons have existed for thousands of years in stories and legends in Asia, particularly in China and Japan, and also in other parts of the worlds as well.


Our learning activities about dragons were created by Gretchen Russell, teacher and librarian.

The First Chinese Dragon (PDF)

Mythical Powers (PDF)

Dragon Lore Resources

We’ve collected some useful links for learning about Dragon Lore.

List of Dragons in Mythology and Folklore
Perhaps the most comprehensive (fully linked) list on the Web!

Dragon Lore of Asia
Dragon art, myths and symbols

Dragon: One of Four Celestial Emblems of Ancient China
Cultural meanings of dragon, white tiger, red bird (phoenix) and tortoise

Dragons in Greek Mythology
Stories of Lado, the Hydra, Python, and Typhon!

The European Dragon in Mythology
Roman, Germanic, Celtic, Polish, Asturian, Aragonese, Basque, Catalan, and Italian dragons