Northwest Beaches

What’s happening on the beach…?Hermit crab

The Pacific Northwest coast — from British Columbia to southern Oregon — is fascinating in its variety. Rocky headlands, as well as secluded coves and sandy beaches, create perfect habitats for many different sea animals and plants.

Our learning activities, created by Gretchen Russell, teacher and librarian, encourage appreciation of the Pacific Northwest coastal region and the exciting variety of marine wildlife that inhabits its waters and shores. Each lesson is targeted for about 45-60 minutes and can be abbreviated or expanded based on individual student needs and skills. These activity ideas provide a starting point and are readily adaptable to material availability, time constraints, and student needs and skills.Starfish1Starfish2


The Waves Bring Dinner (PDF)

Who Owns These Footprints (PDF)

My I Borrow Your House? Hermit Crabs (PDF) 

Northwest Beaches Resources

Seattle Aquarium

Pacific Science Center (Seattle, WA) Outdoor School Programs
Salmon Stewardship, Wetlands, Ecosystems, and Animal Tracking programs

Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Marine Life of Liberty Bay in Poulsbo, Washington USA
Links to interesting starfish photos and a tutorial on the Pac NW Intertidal Zone

NOAA Fisheries Science Center: Educators Page

Wilderness Awareness School
Offers wonderful nature based educational programs for children and adults