Dragon Fire Ocean Mist

On the wild ocean coast of Washington state you’ll find enormous sea stacks at Point of the Arches at Shi Shi Beach.  The rocks loom high and dark over the water, like the backs of ancient mythical creatures. When Jaxon and Allie encounter the Shi Shi dragons, they are quickly befriended by the whole dragon family.  But no one is safe from the thieving, temperamental dragon Zorg and his strange brood.  Allie and Jaxon will need all the ingenuity they can muster – as well as the help of Niji, the dragon foundling – to defeat the dark-winged Zorg and restore peace to Shi Shi Beach.  Illustrated with lively sumi dragon paintings.

Dragon Fire, Ocean Mist is written for children ages 7-11 and has been enjoyed as a read aloud book by younger children and their parents.

Here’s what people are saying about Dragon Fire, Ocean Mist

“Grandma, can I come over to your house after school so we can read some more of that dragon book?” –Taylor M., age 8, Langley, WA

“I loved Dragon Fire, Ocean Mist and its delightful, vivid imagery. I couldn’t put it down! The gentle, yet powerful sumi-e illustrations had me reliving my summers in the San Juan Islands. I’m grateful to Yvonne Palka for creating this lovely book. Its message — about deep care for our environment and about standing up to, and making peace with even our most difficult dragons — is tremendously important.”–Eva Sher, Poet, Sumi-e Artist, Author and Illustrator of The Scintillating Little Dragon, Medina, WA