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Sumi in the Summer

September 9, 2013

Sumi painting this summer took the form of meeting the public and getting them excited about sumi painting in various Farmer’s Markets on beautiful Whidbey Island where I live in the summer.  Plus sketching and hiking in the Olympic Mountains and visiting the home of the dragons – Shi Shi Beach!  We took 10 adults and 10 teenagers out to that magical world.  The dragon back rocks aren’t so visible this year – perhaps they are sleeping through the summer instead of being out to play?  But still they showed up to play soccer with a group of enthusiastic teens!

Soccer - with the dragons?
Soccer – with the dragons?

There were two sumi-e highlights.  One was being a guest presenter introducing sumi-e at the Art Therapy Group at the Cancer Partnership of Providence Hospital in Everett, WA.  It was a gift to be able to give back to the institution where I received treatment less than a year ago.

And the other was being accepted as an exhibiting artist at the Whidbey Art Gallery, the artist coop gallery, in Langley, WA.  It’s a thrill having my work on the wall and prints and cards in the print bin!  Stop by any time you’re in the neighborhood.

Yvonne at the Gallery
Yvonne at the Gallery

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