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Super Simple Sumi Art!

January 21, 2010

Last week I had the good fortune to be able to teach several classes of talented 5th-8th graders at the Armitage Academy in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  They all had heard about the dragons last year when I visited this school and this time I was able to introduce them to sumi painting in more depth.  I’m developing some super simple sumi art techniques for teaching children based on some traditional art instruction books from China.  They were great guinea pigs and we all had a great time!

Super Simple Sumi Bird

Here’s the bird that I painted.  Laying the brush on its side I made one stroke for the crown of the head and two for the sides of the body.  Then holding the brush vertically I painted the bill and the eye with the tip of the brush.  Followed by a stroke for the branch, some claws for the feet clutching the branch and a few pats of the brush for tail feathers.  And Voila!  A Super Simple Sumi Bird!

Did you hear what I heard?

And here is one student’s painting

Looking for a hug!

And here’s another’s panda bear!

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